Eric Swanson. Tillamook.

It is my pleasure to endorse Mary Faith Bell for the position of Tillamook County Commissioner.

I have known Mary Faith both personally and professionally for the past 10 years, and I have found her to be an individual with exceptional character, a commitment to public service, and a genuine love for Tillamook County.

Having served as a law enforcement officer in Tillamook County for more than 30 years, we need a County Commissioner who has a demonstrated record of supporting law enforcement, both publicly and personally.  

Mary Faith is that candidate.

Mary Faith is deeply concerned about crime in our community including domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, identity theft, property crimes, and elder abuse.   Mary Faith understands how these types of crimes impact the livability of our community, and her support of law enforcement and our criminal justice system shows her commitment to ensuring the safety of our community.

Having served as our County Commissioner for the past four (4) years, Mary Faith has demonstrated that she is a dedicated public servant who serves our community with a common sense, value-based approach to leadership.  She works collaboratively to ensure that all voices are heard and works to do what is best for Tillamook County and the citizens she serves.

You will not find a better candidate for County Commissioner.  She is honest, transparent, and has a character that is above reproach.  She is tireless advocate for our County and has a demonstrated track record of leadership success. 

It is my pleasure to endorse Mary Faith Bell for re-election to the position of Tillamook County Commissioner.  

Please join me in voting for Mary Faith Bell.

Eric Swanson

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